Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The last Tom Ford Haul of 2012

Happy Wednesday everyone!

I'm still breathing, rapidly actually. Holiday parties freak me out. We'll host only one (phew!) and attend a few. Like many of you, I work and cook and clean and decorate and so on so forth. You know how it goes.

And yet, I managed to grab some Tom Ford goodies that lied on the top of my Christmas wish list :D. I made about 4 trips to Neiman Marcus in the past 2 months (here and here). This time I decided to fulfill my wish with Ultra Shine Lip Gloss in 02 Rose Crush and Lipcolors in 18 Black Orchid and 04 Indian Rose.
At this point, I think I have everything I love from the brand. I'm testing out his primer and foundation stick too. They don't wow me as much as the other items I've tried. I must admit, though, that the foundation stick (No 5 Natural, yes I changed the shade) has become a rival of my all time favorite foundations, Clarins Ever Matte and Burberry Sheer Luminous. It still doesn't deserve the 78-dollar price tab in my opinion. I do plan to test it again once I finish adjusting my skincare routine and finding a good face primer. I will keep you guys posted.

Until then, hope you're not bored to death by my recent (and chronic) Tom Ford craze :D.

Joanne xx


  1. i like your tom ford craze, hehe :) i'm really enjoying all the lipsticks i bought in november! (And i think you meant 2012, not 2011?) Happy holidays!! :)

    1. hehe, see how overwhelmed I am now with all the holiday prep thingy. Thanks Joyce! Happy holidays to you too xx

  2. I can see that you're a big Tom Ford fan :)
    I am currently in love with my Tom Ford Blush in Wicked and Flush. Both have excellent pigmentation and texture :)

    1. Oh his blushes are the best (besides his fragrances, in my opinion). I love them all. How do you like Wicked? I skipped it and now you make me wonder....


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