Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Review: Tom Ford Cheek Color 02 Frantic Pink

It took me quite some time to finish the review of Tom Ford Frantic Pink as I wasn't sure how I felt about it. It's a very good blush. Beautiful. Lovely. Natural. Long-wearing. Smooth. But it isn't as phenomenal as the rest of Tom Ford's blushes (reviews of Love Lust, Flush, Savage, Ravish, Wicked, Narcissist). While I still love Frantic Pink, I don't reach for it very often. Here is why.

Tom Ford Frantic Pink blush ($56 for 0.28 oz) is a light peachy pink with golden shimmer. On my light medium skin tone, it's a soft peachy pink. The pigmentation is sheerer than the rest of Tom Ford blushes. Also because Frantic Pink is a soft color, it doesn't show up very well on me. If I keep layering the blush to get more opaque result, Frantic Pink washes me off. My solutions are 1) layering on top of a brighter blush (my favorite is Edward Bess compact rouge in Love Affair, subtle bright pink!) and 2) applying it on top of the cheekbones as a highlighter.
Frantic Pink softens and enhances a brighter blush, creating a soft glow and tone down the strong pigmentation. On deeper skin tones, Frantic Pink would work beautifully as a highlighter. I prefer a stronger glow that requires a much lighter color and a bit more shimmer. So it doesn't highlight my cheekbones much. In other words, I need to use Frantic Pink together with something else. And I'm lazy about it. Yes, the combination will be beautiful. It's just not what I expect from a Tom Ford blush. 

Swatched under direct sunlight
With that being said, Frantic Pink still offers excellent quality. Like other powder products from the brand, Frantic Pink has velvety smooth texture and delivers a sophisticated sheen. You won't detect the shimmer, yeah I know, I've emphasized how elegant Tom Ford shimmer is. 

The ingredients
Bottom line. A nice-to-have blush for me. An excellent blush although not as phenomenal as the rest of Tom Ford blush range. If you have fair to light skin, you'll rock it way better than me. 

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