Thursday, October 31, 2013

Lately (hospitalization, thoughts on new beauty launches and some shopping)

Well well well. Where could I begin? Eh, The Convenient Beauty went muted for nearly a month. I also disappeared from my favorite blogs for even longer than that.

I was sick and was sent to the hospital for a few days. At first I felt like the earth shattered beneath my feet. I'm very scared of the hospitals in general. Oddly enough though, I had a great time there. I was making friends with everybody from nurses, doctors, administrative staff, cleaning staff, totally random patients, the room service ladies and having fun. But I was SO happy when my doctor sent me home. Then I spent the next few weeks to get back on track.

My friends during August and September. Never want to see them again. 
I still read your blogs, follow your conversation on twitter, browsing your youtube tutorials and drooling over your latest hauls on instagram. You still put a big smile on my face. I just didn't have the energy to join the talks :(.

Speaking of instagram, you guys probably recognized my obsession for flats. I ain't care if that extra half an inch looks more fashionable. Everybody knows that I'm petite. Plus, flats are ridiculously cute, aren't they?

My recent splurges! The wish list goes on, especially J Crew. 
Top left: Coach Unique flats; Bottom left: Coach Wendy Snake Polka Dots
Top right: J Crew Cece flat; Bottom right: J Crew studded Cece flats 

Since my last makeup haul, I completed my Tom Ford blush collection with Wicked (swatches of all blushes are coming) and expanded my Tom Ford brushes. The only fall makeup I got was Tom Ford Orchid Haze eyeshadow quad (review coming soon). Then there were some essentials, i.e. Shiseido urban environment sunscreen, and YSL baby doll mascara full size. No haul is complete without some compulsive purchases. I'm obsessed with Formula X for Sephora in Ignite and Blazing. Guys, you must check it out!!

Some beauty goodies since July. 
Top row: Le Metier de Beaute kaleidoscope Spendid Frost, Formula X for Sephora Ignite, Shiseido Urban environment Oil-free sunscreen SPF 42, Tom Ford brushes
Bottom row: Tom Ford blush Wicked, Formula X for Sephora Blazing, YSL Babydoll mascara, Tom Ford eyecolor quad Orchid Haze 
August and September were also the launch month of long-awaited makeup lines. Michael Kors beauty is a big fat MEH. It's just pile of shimmer, and lack of personality and pigmentation. But I gotta admit the promo pictures are utterly glamorous and stunning. Also, I've been underwhelmed and unimpressed by the entire Marc Jacobs' beauty line, well, except for his liquid eyeliner.

On a more positive note, I'm so excited about Charlotte Tilburry's makeup line, especially all of her eyeliners, the bronzer/highlighter, and the eyeshadow quads. I can't wait until she ships it to the US. That $40 shipping from Selfridge doesn't cut it for me.

Michelle Phan's em cosmetics also grabbed my attention. I don't plan on testing out her line but I applaud her for the very well-designed range. The idea is spot-on for her target audience, although I don't think the price point addresses them well.

Have any of you checked out Torry Burch's beauty line? I would love to hear your thoughts. The fragrance was OK but I'm curious about the rest of her makeup line.

That's it! I'm alive. Had some time off. Shopped. Enjoying life as it is. What about you? 

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