Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Review: YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Babydoll

Ah, the never ending quest for a good mascara that holds curl, doesn't smudge, dries fast, separates and lengthens lashes and perhaps gives me some volume. Well, YSL Volume Effect Faux Cils Babydoll $30 for 0.2 oz) does all of the above, except volume! As soon as I saw the brush, I knew it won't do add any volume. The bristles are too short and spiky for the task. But now that I've expressed my disappointment as YSL broke the promise, I must admit that it's a wonderful mascara for me. Here is why.

YSL Babydoll side by side Benefit they're Real!. Benefit bristles are spaced too far to catch my lashes. The formula is too wet. The brush is too large. I receive no benefit (punch intended)
My stubborn Asian lashes are 1) straight like sticks, eyelash curler is a must and drier mascaras generally suit me best for holding the curl; 2) medium length, some lengthening would be nice!; and 3) fine and silky in texture, heavy coats of mascara tend to make them droop quickly. So I usually don't have good luck with volumizing formula as it ain't dry fast enough and the brush is humungous. YSL Babydoll defines every single lashes! My lashes look literally like a pair of natural falsies (of course with the boost of an eyelash curler :D). The brush is a perfect size for my eyes and the bristles are cleverly spaced to coat between lashes. I love it!

Beside the razor shape definition, YSL Babydoll stays put all day until I take it off. It doesn't flakes, fall out, nor smudge for at least 12 hours. What's more impressive is the curl it holds all day for my flashes. Basically, my lashes look the same throughout the day. This alone beats my beloved Giorgio Armani Eyes to Kill Stretch mascara.

Now, it doesn't automatically lengthen my lashes. But I've learned a new trick to extend my lashes regardless the mascaras. Problem solved! Although YSL Babydoll isn't perfect, I love it enough to replace Giorgio Armani Stretch. A full size order is being place as we speak.

Another look in the shade
Bottom line. My new favorite mascara. Hands-down. I'll get the full-size mascara once finishing this sample. The quest for volume goes on...

Have  you tried YSL Babydoll? Yeahhh or mehhhh? 

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