Monday, July 15, 2013

Review: Tom Ford Lip Color No 13 Blush Nude

Finding a nude lip color that doesn't wash me out has been one the most challenging tasks in my beauty journey. I often play safe with nude rose (Dolce and Gabbana Soiree) or beige (Chanel Biarritz) or a my-lip-but-better color family :D (Laura Mercier Audrey, Edward Bess Tender Love, Chanel Mademoiselle, Tom Ford Indian Rose). The challenge doesn't just lie in a right color for my skin tone but also a moisturizing formula. Most of the times, I found nude lipsticks either too chalky or too dry to look sexy. 

Until now, I have the most luck with Tom Ford lipstick in Blush Nude ($48 for 0.1 oz). It's a creamy pinky nude that looks brown nude in the tube yet leans toward light pink on my lips. Still, it's the first true nude lipstick that works for me. Phew! 
And the formula also suits me too. Like other Tom Ford lipsticks, Blush Nude has a creamy hydrating texture. It feels weightless and very comfortable. No sticky no sliding whatsoever. I always need a lip balm before any lip colors and Blush Nude glides on more smoothly with it. However, if you have healthy lips, no lip balm needed to make it work. 

The ingredients
Blush Nude goes on opaque in just one layer but I prefer at least two layers so it completely mutes my natural lip colors over a lip balm. In the lip swatches below is the two layers of Blush Nude over a EOS lip balm. It settles just a bit into my lip creases but overall the finish is smooth and lovely. Blush Nude stays fresh on my lips for 5 hours with lunch and drinks and can stretch as long as 7 hours with little drinks and no meal. Impressive for any lipsticks based on my personal experience!

Two layers on my arms and lips
I'm working on a look that features my recent Tom Ford haul. Stay tuned to see Blush Nude in action! 

Bottom line. Nude lipsticks is such a personal choice that I think it's best to test them in person and actually makeup you want to pair with them. I highly recommend Tom Ford Blush Nude for light to medium skin tone. If you're on the lighter side then Tom Ford Nude Vanille might work better. Overall, love! 

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