Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Hair Cut in a Decade

Happy 4th of July!

If you followed my pinterest, this new do probably didn't surprise you. I dedicated an entire board for it! Can you believe that I stuck with simple long straight hair for the past 13 years? Although I didn't have a particularly horrific hair cut night mare, I've never had a favorite hair dresser ever in my life. The results usually turned out OK yet far from satisfying. About 3 years ago, I just stopped seeing one. I trimmed my hair myself when it reached my waist line, usually within one year. Yes all by myself! My hair was too heavy for a pony tail but I was too lazy to style it. Basically, I have no-style style. This year I was simply so tired of giving myself a hair cut. I decided to test one of Toni and Guy salons and prepared to intervene the cutter. Turned out it wasn't a necessity.

My decade-old hair style

10 inches, 2 washes, no styling what so ever later......
I feel so much better!!! Lighter head. Dry faster. Less shampoo. And best of all, it appears that I have some sort of style and it doesn't require a million styling steps. 

My stylist at Toni and Guy did an excellent job. I showed her the picture and specifically requested a low-maintenance version of it. OKed then cutting she did! She then blew dry my hair then applied hair spray to get it in the magazine-cover-shot quality and it only looked better than my careless hair above in the back. After washing my hair, I combed and fluffed it and it felt into its place except for those baby hairs at the top of my head. OMG, I love it! 

What is your happiest hair experience? Do you have a favorite hair dresser or like me you trim your hair yourself?

p.s: If you know a hair donation organization, please give me a shout in the comment. 

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