Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review: Tom Ford Lips and Boys - Giacomo, Cary, Didier

As Tom Ford usually does to us makeup fanatics, he somehow convinced me to order sight unseen more than one limited edition lipsticks from the Lips and Boys collection. And I usually just go one lipstick at a time. On a more self-forgiving note, this collection contains 50 (FIFTY) shades so 7 doesn't sound that bad. I based my decisions mostly on my previous experience with his lipsticks, stock images, and some unconfirmed information on repromoted shades. In other words, this haul was a leap of faith in Tom Ford. And boy, he does not disappoint.

The most frequently asked questions I've noticed is how mini these lipsticks are. Priced at $32 each for 0.7 oz compared to a full-size version at $50 for 0.1 oz, they are actually less expensive. Because the price is friendlier, I image they will be more appealing to a larger group of customers. As someone who mainly just touches-up lip makeup, I really appreciate a lighter version to carry around. Also, I love the skinnier bullets of the minis for precise application.

The first three shades that arrived are Giacomo, Cary (Casablanca in permanent range), Didier. It's funny to refer to a lipstick as he. Anyway.

Giacomo  is a satin bright deep rose. The shimmer is so fine that it's only visible under direct sunlight It's 70s I tell you. Very Tom Ford! He's bright yet still muted enough for daily look. I love to sport him as a statement lips with a very natural complexion. Giacomo is the most exotic pink of the three, in my opinion. Coincidently his names sounds exotic eh?

Cary is a more redden plum version of Collin (Indian Rose). They are very similar in tone. Cary doesn't have any shimmer yet it still has some sheen finish. Although the muted plum undertone makes it a safe my-lip-but-better choice, I think he adds interesting plum touch to the lips. 

Didier is a satin deep plum rose with ultra fine fuchsia shimmer. This particular shimmer reminds me of that in Tom Ford Ravish and Wicked blushes. It's edgy and lovely! Didier is the most moisturizing of the bunch. He's sheerer and brighter on my lips than in the tube. But by no mean it's a sheer lipstick. 

Giacomo is the most rosy. Cary has the most brown. Didier has the most plum with fuchsia tint. 

All three shades wear well for 5 hours, surviving lunch and many glasses of water. They moisturize my lips and feel so comfortable. In fact, after these lippies were washed out down to a stain, they still have the same undertone and look pretty. I do need a lip balm as usual but Tom Form's creamy lipsticks don't dry out my lips. This quality is consistent across his range. In this case, I slightly prefer the hydrating performance of Didier to the other two, although all three deliver the Tom Ford quality that I want.

Now it's time for some lipswatches.

 See how Didier is considerably deeper in the tube?

Were you able to resist or wait for counter swatching? What did you pick up? How do you like these boys?

Peter, Alasdhair, Addison and Richard are on the way. I hope to get the review early enough before they're once again sold out. 

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