Saturday, January 3, 2015

Review: Dior 5-color Eyeshadow Palette in 734 Grege

After all those years delving into the world of beautiful makeup, Dior still holds a special place in my heart. My favorite eyeshadows of all time are still their 5-color quints. I'm late in the game for Dior 5-color eyeshadow in 734 Grege ($60 for 0.21 oz). It was released a couple of years back and creating quite a buzz among the neutral eyeshadow wearers. I had my eyeshadow-addict radar on alert but the color theme wasn't appealing to me. Until this video by TiffanyD. As it always happens, you watch/read a beauty video/blog post, then you have to have something. hehehe

From left to right clock-wise, you'll have a satin light tan, a shimmery frosty white, a satin medium grey, a almost matte deep plumy brown and a satin silvery mauve in the center. These shades blend so easily together and complement each other really well. That's a big thumb-up for Dior 5-color palettes in general. You can use 3 shades in diagonal line or 3 shades along the side of the square, or 4 or all colors at once. It will cover a day time look to a smoldering smokey look.
A closer look
Dior 5-color palette Grege has the finish that leans more toward traditional Dior like Beige Massai, Stylish Move, i.e. subtle satin finish (my favorite eyeshadow finish!). So if you're like me or you have more mature eyelids, you might prefer this type of palette over the new generation of pearl finish Dior has perused in recent years. Not that the pearl finish isn't pretty (Rosy Tan, for example, is deservingly popular). It becomes plainly boring after overly made by so many brands for so long. There's only one pearly shade in Grege, the white. Good enough for me because this white is soft, leaving a sheen rather than frost on the skin. 

Direct sunlight

Just like the other Dior quints I own (Stylish Move, Sunset Cafe, Rosy NudeRosy Tan, Beige Massai, Smokey Design), Grege has a lovely buttery smooth texture but not overly so. It glides on the skin seamlessly without any fall-outs. It also layer very nicely on the skin for different intensities. 

All but the silvery silvery mauve in the center has excellent color payoff, especially the plumy brown. What a shame because I love the center shade. It's has a perfect balance of mauve, silver, and a hint of plum. This is one of those colors that brighten up your eyes. These are soft colors so it might not show up well on deeper skintone. I would recommend you tanner ladies use this palette wet or on top of an opaque eyeshadow base or a cream eyeshadow. 

The center shade is the farthest right. 

Although pretty, Dior 5-color palette Grege isn't without flaws. My first complain is the lack of pigment of the center shade. The second complain is the wearing of this palette in general. I usually got solid 8-10 hours of staying-put eye makeup with Dior quints. Grege looks good for 6 hours only, and that center shade last about 2 hours (on top of a standard eye primer). I can deal with sheer colors but sheerness and short-wearing are kind of unforgiving. 

The reason Grege still has a spot in my collection is due to its versatility. It's not too cool not too warm not too neutral nor too shimmery nor too plain. Just a perfect balance of everything.  

Bottom line. A staple for neutral eyemakeup wearers. Not the best quality from Dior. I still highly recommend you check it out. The lovely color coordination and luxurious powder finishes might help you to overlook the drawbacks. 

Sunday, December 21, 2014

Review: Tom Ford Lips and Boys - Giacomo, Cary, Didier

As Tom Ford usually does to us makeup fanatics, he somehow convinced me to order sight unseen more than one limited edition lipsticks from the Lips and Boys collection. And I usually just go one lipstick at a time. On a more self-forgiving note, this collection contains 50 (FIFTY) shades so 7 doesn't sound that bad. I based my decisions mostly on my previous experience with his lipsticks, stock images, and some unconfirmed information on repromoted shades. In other words, this haul was a leap of faith in Tom Ford. And boy, he does not disappoint.

The most frequently asked questions I've noticed is how mini these lipsticks are. Priced at $32 each for 0.7 oz compared to a full-size version at $50 for 0.1 oz, they are actually less expensive. Because the price is friendlier, I image they will be more appealing to a larger group of customers. As someone who mainly just touches-up lip makeup, I really appreciate a lighter version to carry around. Also, I love the skinnier bullets of the minis for precise application.

The first three shades that arrived are Giacomo, Cary (Casablanca in permanent range), Didier. It's funny to refer to a lipstick as he. Anyway.

Giacomo  is a satin bright deep rose. The shimmer is so fine that it's only visible under direct sunlight It's 70s I tell you. Very Tom Ford! He's bright yet still muted enough for daily look. I love to sport him as a statement lips with a very natural complexion. Giacomo is the most exotic pink of the three, in my opinion. Coincidently his names sounds exotic eh?

Cary is a more redden plum version of Collin (Indian Rose). They are very similar in tone. Cary doesn't have any shimmer yet it still has some sheen finish. Although the muted plum undertone makes it a safe my-lip-but-better choice, I think he adds interesting plum touch to the lips. 

Didier is a satin deep plum rose with ultra fine fuchsia shimmer. This particular shimmer reminds me of that in Tom Ford Ravish and Wicked blushes. It's edgy and lovely! Didier is the most moisturizing of the bunch. He's sheerer and brighter on my lips than in the tube. But by no mean it's a sheer lipstick. 

Giacomo is the most rosy. Cary has the most brown. Didier has the most plum with fuchsia tint. 

All three shades wear well for 5 hours, surviving lunch and many glasses of water. They moisturize my lips and feel so comfortable. In fact, after these lippies were washed out down to a stain, they still have the same undertone and look pretty. I do need a lip balm as usual but Tom Form's creamy lipsticks don't dry out my lips. This quality is consistent across his range. In this case, I slightly prefer the hydrating performance of Didier to the other two, although all three deliver the Tom Ford quality that I want.

Now it's time for some lipswatches.

 See how Didier is considerably deeper in the tube?

Were you able to resist or wait for counter swatching? What did you pick up? How do you like these boys?

Peter, Alasdhair, Addison and Richard are on the way. I hope to get the review early enough before they're once again sold out. 

Friday, December 19, 2014

Wedding makeup: Collaboration with

Weddings are special. The energy of the couple and the excitement (and craziness) that friends and family bring into the event make it one of the most cherished memories of life, don't you think? When, an online one stop shopping and wedding planning site invites me to style their wedding dress, I thought this would be a great way to share my love and hopefully to help some of my bride-to-be readers. is designed for the modern couples who want to take the wedding planning in their hands. They own every step of the planning from choosing the right bridal gown, flower arrangement to putting together a delicious menu to staying on the budget. You can find great wedding inspiration, save your ideas and shop with Think about pinterest in an interactive platform! 

Today, I'd like to share my picks from's stunning bridal gown collections and how I would style the makeup.  

Look 1: Classic Chic

This elegant and luxurious Monique Lhuillier's Poet dress has a silk white double layered Chantilly lace with embellished bateau neck and back. I love the contrast and complement between the simple straight line cut that hugs the body lightly and the delicate floral lace on the chest. Chic. Timeless. Feminine. The bride who choose this gown, I image, is quietly confident and will love an understated chic wedding. 

The makeup

To keep it chic yet modern and interesting, I opt for soft smokey rosy-tinted eyes (Urban Decay Naked palette 3 layering on top of (Laura Mercier caviar stick Cocoa) paired with nude pink lips (Nars Audacious lipstick in Raquel is perfect!) and a glowly flawless complexion. Since there will be lots of tears, kisses, eating, drink, dancing involved and many photos taken, the makeup should have waterproof formula and be applied in layers. I love Dior Star Fluid foundation and concealer to create flawless skin. I would first layer Edward Bess Compact Rouge in Love Affair and All Over Seduction in Sunlight on the cheeks, then finish off with Tom Ford blush in Frantic Pink. Classic Chic

Look 2: Modern Princess

Monique Lhuillier's Sentimental dress can be any girl's dream. It has a classic and universally flattery A-line blended with trumpet silhouette. Also covered in silk white Chantilly lace, Sentimental brings out our inner princess and adds extravagant air to the bride. I'm sure a Sentimental bride feels beautiful inside out. She knows that she's loved. And she's not afraid of being drowned in an ultimate luxurious wedding gown.

The makeup

This stunning Monique Lhuillier number is such a statement piece. I want the makeup to complement the dress without either being overwhelmed by the beautiful lace or competing with it. So I focus on a pair of lustrous bright pink lips (YSL Rouge Pur Couture) and healthy glowly flush of pink on the cheeks using Chanel cream blush in Affinite and Becca Skin Shimmering Perfector in Moonstone. The key here is to keep the complexion very very natural and avoid big dolly eyelashes (I love Diorshow Iconic Waterproof Mascara). Since Chantecaille Future Skin cream foundation offers this natural effect, I need a more heavy duty concealer like Bobbi Brown creamy concealer kit to cover blemishes (and only where needed). Modern Princess

Look 3: Undone beach beauty

If you're having a more casual relaxed wedding like on the beach, Coren Moore's Zoe dress will be a perfect candidate. It features a sweetheart neck with full ruched bodice.  Skirt is fitted through the hips with asymmetrical layers. Interior features hand sewn corset that provides form and support for the body. I thought this Coren Moore's number looks effortlessly elegant and comfortable.

The makeup

For this flowy number, I want to create a relaxed and undone look where a blushing golden bronze complexion takes the center stage. Bobbi Brown Pot Rouge Pale Pink can be used on both cheeks and lips to break the bronze on bronze cliche. To complete this look, I would use a neutral gold eyeshadow palette such as Burberry Golden No 25. The eyes would blend in with the bronze/golden theme yet neutral enough to keep the whole look natural and relaxing. The finishing touch would be adding some glow on the cheeks (theBalm Mary-Lou Manizer) and lips and a bit of mascara. Beach Beauty

Look 4: Grown-up girly

Ah, another masterpiece from Monique Lhuilier. I LOVE that the Grecian full dress adorned by the Chantilly lace sleeves and the silk chiffon illusion neckline! This Monique Lhuillier's Analise gown is feminine, romantic, chic and alluring all at the same. It accentuates the waist line without a bodice making it more comfortable yet modern.

The makeup

Since Analise dress radiates such an elfin vibe, I want a grown-up girly look to complement it. All starts with a natural canvas with Bobbi Brown Skin Foundation Stick and Nars Creamy Concealer. Urban Decay Optical Blurring brush is my favorite to blend out stick foundation. I opted for a neutral light pink lips (Nars Audacious lipstick in Anita) and bit of contouring using Urban Decay Naked Flush (contour/highlight/blush palette). Now, we often think of a pink eyeshadow palette as a must for a girly look. I myself never fancy rocking pink eyeshadows. They don't look good on me and I thought that would be predictable. Instead, I would use Tom Ford eyecolor quad in Orchid Haze. It features a champagne, a warm taupe, a pinky plump and a burgundy brown. You would still get that soft pink hazy effect without overly pinking everything if that makes sense. Grown-up Girly

There you have it. What is your favorite look? How will you style these dresses?

Hope you have fun with this post and don't forget to check out!

Joanne x

This is not a sponsored post. 

Thursday, December 11, 2014

Review: Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Color Set - Holiday 2014

Laura Mercier Caviar Stick Eye Colors have been on my wish list for a while. For some reason, I never got around to grab any of them. So when the brand released a limited edition set of 6 mini eyecolor sticks, I jumped at the opportunities. 

The set ($55 for 6 sticks of 0.03 oz/1 g each) contains Rosegold, Amethyst, Moonlight, Copper, Khai and Cocoa. They are all lovely and beautiful. I love how these colors work well together among themselves and are neutral enough to compliment bolder colors in my stash.

- Rosegold: a shimmery warm champagne. It matches my warm skintone NC20-25 perfectly, neither too warm nor too bright. I love it on its own as a wash of color that will radiate a subtle sheen.
- Amethyst: a shimmery taupy plum, also a great lid color. It looks pretty on by itself or as a base color for your mauve, plump or taupe laid on top.
- Moonlight: a highly shimmery cool taupe. It's the most shimmery of the bunch and a great highlighter. I love to apply it in the inner corners of my eyes then blend it out to soften the metallic finish for a more natural result.
- Copper: a shimmery warm peach.
- Khaki: a satin green khaki that looks pretty as a sheer wash of color or when built up for intensity. I love it for a soft smokey eye looks, something more interesting than a ever-predictable black/grey theme.
- Cocoa: a satin deep brown that works well as a crease color and an eyeliner. It ain't just another brown. It brings depth and definition to the eyes without looking too warm nor too cool.

All the colors glides on the skin so effortlessly that requires minimum blending. They all dry fast yet I still have enough time to blend the colors. I would recommend you blend the first color as soon as you apply it before moving on to the next, though. Once the colors set, they won't budge for good 6 hours (without a primer) to 8 hours (with a primer) on my lids.

These caviar sticks are mechanical so you won't need a pencil sharpener. No product will be wasted. I apply the colors directly from the pencil then blend them out with my clean fingers. It's really easy and fool proof.

Now let's chat about the value of this set. A full size caviar stick is retailed at $28 for 0.05 oz. You have 6 x 0.03 oz (0.18 oz) for $55. This amount would have been worth $100. The nice thing is you have 6 color variations. This set by far is my favorite holiday set from any brand this year. The value is awesome but more importantly the quality is superb.

Laura Mercier Mini Caviar Stick Eye Color set will be a perfect gift for makeup beginner as it's so easy-to-use, color-wise and application-wise. And your makeup connoisseur friends will love it too. Don't let the shimmer concern you as it's subtle and buildable accordingly to your taste.

One more close-up
Bottom line. Big love. If perfection exists, this is it. I can't say enough good things about this set.

You can find this set at department stores Nordstrom, Bloomingdales, Neiman Marcus, Saks Fifth Avenue, Bergdorf Goodman. Sephora has a set of 4 (minus Copper and Khaki) that get sold out quickly. It showed up online for a while then disappeared again. So if you're patient, you might be able to get it.

Have you tried Laura Mercier caviar stick eye colors? How do you like them?

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Review: Tom Ford Contouring Cheek Color Duos Softcore and Stroked Fall 2014

As I am typing this line, the two limited edition Contouring Cheek Color Duos Fall 2014 Softcore and Stroked ($77 for 0.7 oz) are on and off available on If you haven't had a chance to try them at the counter or are on the fence of whether to invest, I urge them to grab them both! The reason? For me: it's Tom Ford cheek product, duh! I have come to love (and collected) all Tom Ford powder blushes. The formula, the color, the texture, the wearing, worth every single penny. So these two cheek duos were what I most anticipated from his fall collection, not Nude Dip eyeshadow quad you guys. 

But if you haven't had the same experience as I've had with his blushes, I hope this review will help you to decide whether Softcore and Stroked deserve a place in your makeup collection. 

First, let's take a look at these stunning cheek duos. 

Softcore is a frosty pinkish champaign highlighter (hint of metallic finish) and a matte reddish brown. This palette leans cool on my warm skin although it's not too cool to the point I can't wear it. I need to go extra easy on the highlighter shades or else it can look ashy. 

Stroked has a shimmery golden champaign highlighter and a shimmery warm medium brown that's not as deep as the contouring shade in Softcore. It's no surprise that Stroked looks more natural on my warm skin tone than Softcore but it's neutral enough that I think it will flatter cooler skin tones as well. 

You can tell right away that these aren't typical greyish, taupe or brown that we regular makeup users think of. And I'm so glad they aren't. While the taupe color family might more like "killer cheek bones" in photos, I much prefer these reddish warm brown for everyday contouring. 

Softcore and Stroked deliver a phenomenal quality just as I expected from Tom Ford wonderful powder blushes. The highligher shades add a lovely glow to my cheeks as if my skin is that healthy even under the dreadful car lighting. Both the highlighting and contouring shades are seamlessly blendable. They don't require much blending to look natural. The texture feels so smooth like velvet. Both palettes wear well for 8-10 hours without fading. 

Some other favorites of mine: Bobbi Brown Pink Oyster shimmer brick, Dior Amber Diamond, Tom Ford Ravish blush, the Balm Mary Lou Manizer, Dior Rose Diamond

The highlighter shades compared to some highlighters

The closet to Stroked highlighter shade in my collection is Dior Amber Diamond. The Balm Mary Lou Manizer has more beige than Stroked. Bobbi Brown Pink Oyster is quite similar to Softcore. But all in all, I love the texture and the blendability of Tom Ford's duos the best. I also think they give me a more believable glow than the rest. 

The contouring shades compared to Tom Ford Ravish blush

Contouring cheeks aren't either my type or my strong suit. These duos make contouring very easy.
They help me sculpt my face effortlessly for everyday and natural looks. The key is to use a very light hand because these babies are richly pigmented. For those of you who have deeper skin tones or you prefer strong dramatic sculpted face, you won't be disappointed either. I would recommend you use lighter hand to contour your temples and hair light still.

Nude Dip on the eyes, Softcore on the cheeks, Twist of Fate on the lips

Now let's talk the price. Tom Ford contouring cheek color duos are priced at hefty $77 for 0.7 oz/20 g of product. That's a lot compared to other designer brands, and to Tom Ford itself. Tom Ford Shade and Illuminate (cream formula) offer 0.49 oz/14 g of products at $77 while his blushes are $57 for 0.28 oz/8 g of powder. These duos, I tell you, will last a long long time given how pigmented they are and the amount of product they offer. 

Bottom line: Pure love! Softcore and Stroked should be a part of permanent range. 

Have you cheek our Softcore and Stroked? How do you like them? What brushes are you using to apply them? 

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