Tuesday, January 8, 2013

2012 on The Convenient Beauty

2012 was the year of changes on The Convenient Beauty. After a few months pondering on whether to keep up this blog, I rolled up my sleeves and worked toward building a blog for beauty lovers. It hasn't been a smooth ride yet I've made friends along the way and learned so much about blogging. Below are a few highlights from the year past.

Beauty Blogazons
I usually stay away from anything girl group, especially a group of those who love makeup so much so to talk about it 24/7. You girls know how it goes. But Beauty Blogazons has brought me nothing but positive energy. We got each other's back. I've learned so much from Blogazon sisters like selecting blogging platform, photo editing softwares, how to run a giveaways to blogging ethics. It reminds me why I started my blog in the first place. I love to share my hobby, to learn and make friends with like-minded people. 

Twitter, facebook, pinterest and polyvore

2012 was the year I took a step up in setting up social media channels for my blog. I can connect and interact much more easily and quickly with fellow bloggers and my readers. Viva twitter and facebook! I used to collect pretty pictures from internet. These picture folders grow too big, threatening my computer memory. Now that I can organize pictures on pinterest I save that memory for personal photos only. There's also polyvore where I try and practice different outfits and makeup coordination online. 

No seasonal makeup, really

I skipped most limited editions with a few exceptions like Nars trio Ramatuelle, Chanel Jouse Contraste Blush Rose Initiale, and Tom Ford Blush Narcissist.  I spent 2011 chasing Paul & Joe's, Dior's, Chanel's and Guerlain's seasonal releases. It was fun :)
After a while though, I began to feel saturated with repeated color themes AND designs. I'm not saying that those collections didn't bring anything outstanding (Guerlain Liu or Tom Ford Jardin Noir were phenomenal). I just changed. 

Burberry and Tom Ford

Part of my annual fund goes to exploration of beauty brands. In 2012, I went crazy with Burberry and Tom Ford beauty. Both deliver excellent quality and incredibly beautiful products.  My favorites from Burberry are their sheer luminous foundation and their single eyeshadows, then come their blushes, lipstick and lipglosses. Burberry is my favorite classic chic brand. Tom Ford, on the other hand, executes shimmer/glitter and powder products brilliantly. I love his blushes, eyeshadow quads and lipsticks. I was surprise and so thrilled when discovering that Tom Ford can be wearable and chic besides hot bold sexy. I do think Tom Ford beauty shows its best if you rock it confidently, mixing colors and textures to create unexpected combinations. I can't wait for what these two brands have to offer in 2013.

Le Mertier de Beaute, Becca, Rouge Bunny Rouge, Jouer 

These are the brands I'm dying to try out. I have a local Le Mertier de Beaute and Becca (just found out thanks to Lipstick Boulevards) but the other two are not within my driving distance. So again, I will have rely heavily on my trusted beauty bloggers. If you're reading this post and know anything good from any of those brands, please kindly give me a shout in the comment. Thank you thank you!

What are the highlights from your 2012? Any big plans for 2013? 


  1. I'm dying to try Jouer and RBR as well. I really recommend Becca's mineral blushes and shimmering skin perfector (which I've only just worn today for the first time and am already completely in love).

    1. I only Becca skin perfectors. Love them but other than that I haven't tried anything else. What blushes would you recommend for me Catherine?

  2. I think you had a pretty fabulous beauty year!!! Congrats on continuing to grow your blog and getting into the social media :-) I love your blog and am so happy to have met you this year!!!

    The biggest plan I'm hoping to finish is to add some amazing brushes...I'm looking at you Tom Ford!!! Just to name one :-)

    1. You're sweet Gummy! Thank you very much! I have a secret girl crush with you and your lovely blog! See my new social media buttons :D. Mental note: visit Gummy's Vision for brush review. xx

    2. That's one of the nicest things anyone has ever said about me and my blog!!! You are beautiful and your blog is wonderful...I always look forward to every read!!! And I'm a bit jealous of how fantastic your eye makeup looks in your posts...I've often wished for a 'beam me up Scotty' moment so that you could do my eyes :-)

      And big thumbs up on your new social media buttons...definitely can't miss those!! Yay!! Do you like the 2 column layout better or do you miss the 3? Either way it looks really great!!


    3. Aw, I'm happy to do your eye makeup Gummy! I've never seen your face but I've felt your encouraging spirit, no exaggeration. I've read your comments on some other blogs, not just on yours and mine. And I must say I really like you!!!!

      So glad you like my new layout and those buttons! I'll stick with 2 as it requires lower maintenance. xx

      p.s: Will show off with the hubby that you compliment my makeup skills. He'll faint.

  3. Lovely choices from Burberry and TF!! You will lose your mind when you try LMdB and RBR. I still haven't tried Jouer either! Have a wonderful weekend!

    1. You make me even more dying to try them out, which I don't know what would be more than dying. What would your recommend from LMdB and RBR?

    2. Hi Joanne! RBR eyeshadows, lip glosses and lipsticks are awesome!! LMdB Lip glosses, Lip Cremes, lipsticks and eyeshadows are amazing!!! Also RBR blushes are amazing as well. If only we had less expensive taste in makeup!!! LOL!! :-)

    3. I know right!! And once we start luxury cosmetics, we can never forget them or pretend we've never heard about them. It sounds like you love the entire lines! hehe That'd be tough to choose. Browsing your blog for inspiration xx


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