Monday, January 7, 2013

Accessories for my niece

Of course my one-month-old niece needs accessories. Actually, I'm already thinking about what fashion style and beauty trends she might enjoy. She already owns a closet of baby clothes and necessities so my sister suggested something to go with them. Knowing my sister doesn't fancy pinks, I decided to go with a mix of colors. Shopping for her was the best part of my holiday.

Giraffe pacifier clip. I didn't really check the quality of the pacifier itself. She can use this for any pacifier in her collection. Just thought it was too cute to pass. 

My niece definitely has my eyebrows ;;) I've never seen a baby with such a defining eyebrows. Her eyes are bright and big. The eye creases are stunning and so well defined. I imagine smokey looks or winged eyeliners will suit her perfectly. Anyway, I picked up this pair of leopard slash flowers sun glasses that I thought would accentuate her features. 

My niece has thick silky hair so some head bands are must-haves. Remember, I don't opt for pinks. I want some classic chic designs mixed with some modern edgy patterns. 

My proudest gift for her is these little sparkling boots. She lives up north where winter is brutally long. This pair will be perfect for a lunch date or a fun morning out. I think it'll keep her warm and add some glam to her outfits. 
That's it. I can't wait to see her playing with my gifts. I'm excited to see her grow up and live a happy life. And don't tell my sister and my brother-in-law that I secretly pray that she'll love makeup at least as much as I do. Or maybe someday she'll start her own beauty blog. Now that'd drive my sister crazy but I'll be her number one follower. 

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