Sunday, February 26, 2012

Miss list

You've probably seen way more raves on this blog than complains. Yes, I'm usually happy with my procurement. When I'm not, the items go back to the store. The number of unhappy purchases in the past 5 years have always been low enough for me to remember every single one. And they're less and less every year, especially since I started to read beauty blogs. Still, sadly still, some products are stuck in my makeup stash, due to either "no return once opened" or "I'll make it work".

I've been able to take advantage at least one or two aspects of the products. However, had I have a second chance, they wouldn't have had a place on my vanity counter.

1. Bobbi Brown Python Palette. Nothing is good about quality: poor pigmentation, muddy, uneven, dry, hard. The only bright feature is the packaging. Worse, it's seriously over-priced.

2. MAC Cherry lip pencil reminds me why MAC and I never gets along, especially in the lip department. Dry, uneven and just plain wrong color.

3. Lise Watier color concealer was a typical impulsive online shopping after an overdose of youtube's Michelle Phan. While I love her, my skin types and hers ain't the same and this product doesn't work on me. It's dry, chalky no matter how I tried to soften it (using heat). I particularly dislike the green which makes me look white.

4. Chanel Rouge Coco Chintz is absolutely cute but it dries out my lips like crazy. Chalky and uneven. Lip balm doesn't help :(

5. Lancome Posh Pink lipstick has decent moisturizing impact despite its matte finish. The color just doesn't do any good for me.

6. Laura Mercier Mineral Blush in Amberstone currently holds the title for the shortest wearing blush on my cheeks. It disappears after 30 minutes. Reapply and re-disappear in another 30 minutes. I do like the color though. If you know how to fix this, kindly let me know.

7. Dior 5-color quint in Pearl Glow has luxurious texture and stays put as good as just the best of Dior eyeshadows. What puts me off are overly frosted finish of all shades, none of which is deep enough for defining my eyes. I think when I pay $58 for 5 eyeshadows, they'd better work as one palette. Pearl Glow simply doesn't. The limited edition factor definitely got the best of me. 


  1. What a fun post. I'm usually pretty content with most of my beauty purchases too, and rarely have anything bad to say. Probably mostly because I never purchase (well, most of the time at least) items on impulse and I usually browse reviews and swatches prior.

    I wanted to get that concealer wheel a long time ago after seeing all of Kandee Johnson's videos using it.. and just lately I've been thinking about it. Stinks it didn't work out for you though ;(

    1. Natalie, one thing repeatedly appears on my new year's resolution is to shop "wisely". Beauty blogs help me prioritize and pinpoint the products that most suit me. But, they create quite a few impulsive purchases hehehe. That concealer wheel is really cool, if only it weren't dry like that....


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