Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Review: Edward Bess Quad Royale in Summer in Capri No. 3

When I spotted Edward Bess Quad Royale in Summer in Capri 03 ($45 for 0.25 oz) on The Beauty Look Book, I thought it would warm up my cheeks with the peach soft pink undertone. It turns out to add a cool pink sheen on top of that color base, leaning toward cooler spectrum on my warm skin tone. Interestingly enough, it's even cooler than South of France on me.

Here is a closed up for you
You have a satin coral, a satin soft beige, a shimmery soft beige pink and a satin cool beige with a hue of mauve. When mixed together, all the shades create a peachy pink that also has neutral undertone. This quad would flatter all skin tones. But I think warm-skinned ladies might want to go easy on the shimmery soft pink as it can look ashy if over applied.

Summer in Capri has the most subtle shimmer among Quad Royales. Like its other sisters, Summer in Capri has luxuriously soft and smooth texture, blendable and buidable without caking up. It also lasts all day, which scores high on my appraisal system. Most blushes last 4 to 5 hours on me. Any that beats this record is outstanding for me.

My camera fails to distinguish the shades of Summer in Capri. Swatches below are the best I can do. A more professional camera is being seriously considered now, no worries :)

Under direct sunlight
Bottom line. A great versatile highlighter/blush for any occasions. The depth of color is just right to produce a fresh and youthful blushing. This combined with the subtle shimmer creates a very healthy glow that you can hardly overdo it.

Edward Bess Quad Royales are very different in terms of color and finish but share the outstanding quality. I think they're distinctive enough for me to own all of them. If, however, you must to pick one, stay tune for the comparison post. 

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