Monday, June 27, 2011

Youtube’s Beauty Gurus

IMATS LA 2011 (International Makeup Artist Trade Show- Los Angeles) took place last Saturday 06/26/2011 in Pasedena. It was such a fun experience for makeup lovers. Not only were there many professional cosmetics brands, makeup over, open seminars and fabulous discounts, but also it was a great social networking opportunity. I had a chance to talk briefly (and express how much I adored her videos and personality) with one of my most loved youtube’s makeup gurus, Tiffany from makeupbytiffanyD. I thought why not a post about my favorite youtube gurus who have inspired me in many ways, among which is this blog. Each of them has a unique taste of makeup and making videos. I guess that explains their immense popularity on youtube.

Marlena of Makeup Geek TV (Marlena's blog). Marlena’s was the first youtube channel I ever subscribed for. Her makeup tips and tricks are extremely simple and helpful. She uses so various brands of both high-ends and drugstores. I love her massive haul videos featuring her top choices for each product category like foundation, lipticks, highhighters and many more. She also has helpful advise for makeup professionals and those who want to start their career as makeup artist. Her lively videos are merely delightful to watch.

Michelle Phan of MichellePhan (Michelle's blog). Accidentally discovered her channel, I immediately fell in love with her soothing relaxing and artistic but professional videos without even noticing it. Becoming Lancome’s video makeup artist, the first contract of its kind, is among many other accomplishment in her impressive CV. She can transform herself into any personalities and characters so naturally. She is willing to take risk and push herself to the limit of ultimate creation. Her videos ranges from everyday makeup look to cosplay makeup and costume. She is also very well admired for her DIY tricks.

Tiffany of MakeupByTiffanyD (Tiffany's blog). She is the most consistent gurus on youtube, IMO. Tiffany is loyal to her favorite brands that she tried and loves. I have found her recommendations are very well-applicable. You can see that her real opinion of the products she shares. There is something passionate, sincere, real and down-on-earth in her air. This makes her video so affectionate though simple and easy-to-follow. I learn to create ALL of my favorite looks from her. 

Judy of itsjudytime (Judy's blog). Her channel is full of love. I just simply enjoy watching her and sometimes her fiance’ cameo in her videos. They are a happy people. Her videos are short, concise, informative and simple so are her tips. I really like her hair tutorials too.

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