Friday, June 17, 2011

Review: LUSH Shimmy Shimmy body massage bar

Do you ever want that shimmery glow for evening events? I sometimes love to glam up my arms and legs a bit for sake of change. Last week I stocked up some Lush goodies. I had to write about Lush Shimmy Shimmy massage bar ($6.95 for 1 oz).

It is a solid body lotion, lightly vanilla-scented. The vanilla fragrance is pleasant but not to die for. The bar contains obvious flecks of crystal and golden shimmer. It melts at body temperature so you just have to apply it lightly for the shimmer to stick on your skin. When applied heavily, it leaves a bit too shimmery glow for my taste. It also feels greasy if rubbed in. I don’t think it works best as a massage bar for these particular reasons.  

I use Shimmy Shimmy more like a fun product rather than a necessity. But I think it’s absolutely cute.

The downside of most LUSH products is short-time span. For the best use, you might want to store this bar in dry place at cool temperature. It will melt slightly if you carry it inside your handbag under the sun. It’s not the most ideal travel goodies but it helps to keep you moisturize. The bar comes without a container so you will need to get one. I just use Lush tin.

Recommendation: Shimmy Shimmy is a cute product! Check it out in person might be helpful as it can be too shimmery for some.

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