Friday, June 17, 2011

Gentle exfoliator for face and neck – Wet towel

Living in Southern California doesn’t give me a choice of skipping sunscreen and moisturizer.  I also layer an anti-wrinkle serum on my bare skin. On top of that is my make up. I classify myself as an average cosmetic user. Many Asian girls use about 9 skincare products on a daily basis. Still, it means I need to remove a lot of chemicals by the end of the day. Most of makeup removers are, well, oil-based, which would leave a little bit of oil behind after they do the job. I think our skin will thank us if we remove remove excess sebum, makeup or oil residues and the like gently. I use a clean soft facial towel soaked with warm water as an everyday exfoliator.

I lightly exfoliate my skin twice a day. One gentle rub in the morning before applying skincare and makeup really smooths out my skin. As soon as I come home, I remove my makeup but wait until before  bedtime to exfoliate my skin once again. I use a very light hand to rub the towel on my face, upward from my neck and chin, leaving the eye area untouched. I rinse my face with cold water afterward. 

It works wonder for my skin. My skin texture is much smoother. It also even out my complexion. My skin feels clean and so refreshing.  The wet towel doesn’t introduce any chemicals into your skin, just water. So it’s gentler than a regular exfoliator no matter how gentle it claims to be. The wet towel doesn’t dry out my skin either.

After lightly scrubbing my face with the towel, I apply eye cream, anti-wrinkle serum and moisturizer with or without SPF for daytime or nighttime. On my good skin days, I only need a teeny tiny amount of foundation for my dark circles and a lip butter on my lips.  And Voila! 

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