Thursday, July 7, 2011

IMATS LA 2011 Haul – Part 2

I attended IMATS mainly for Inglot. It’s a well known Polish cosmetic brand for a few decades. In the US, Inglot stores are still available exclusively to only several states. Inglot counter offered 30% discount at IMATS. What a deal! I got 10 eyeshadow palette for $36 after tax (Pasedena local tax is 9.75%). It comes with 10 separate single eyeshadows of my choice and a palette. They grabbed the two similar brown shade *sign*, hence I have 9 different shades. 

I must say the palette is heavy but very durable. To open the palette, you need to slight the cover pan. The magnates hold the palettes and the eyeshadows strongly. It’s much harder to open it vertically as we usually do with an eyeshadow palette.

The pigmentation, texture and application of the eyeshadows are outstanding. They all glide on my lids and stay put all day. I only picked up one matte eyeshadow since I found their matte formula is quite chalky for my taste. Other girls shopping at IMATS went to Inglot mainly for matte texture though.
I love Inglot eyeshadow much better than MAC’s. A single eyeshadow pan from MAC is priced at $11per 1.5 g compared to $4.5 to $7 per 2.7g of square pans and $4.5 to $7 per 2.5g of round pans in Inglot collection. I found the quality of MAC’s eyeshadows fall short many times due to their poor color payoff and short wearing. I attempted to love MAC many times but failed unfortunately. The only advantage I can see from MAC is they offer a million new collections throughout the year. Inglot’s product range is, on the other hand, very extensive.

Even though this 10 palette might be cumbersome for travel, it’s definitely heavy duty and will survive through turbulence or falling on the floor. I highly recommend you check this brand out. 
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