Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Review: LUSH The Sacred Truth Face Mask

Sacred Truth Mask ($5.95 for 2.1 oz) claims to brighten complexion with greentea, white wheatgrass and papaya. It also contains softening ingredients like free range eggs, linseed oil and shea butter.
First thing first, does it do the magic? Well, I don’t have major skin problem, just need to even out my skintone and brighten it up a little bit. My skin feels smoother and looks more even as soon as I rinse off the mask. But that feeling doesn’t last long. I guess it’s how your skin looks like after any good treatment. After 3 weeks, all in all I don’t see much of a brightening effect. It just feels clean. The mask is a bit tart too thick for my normal to dry complexion.

Is it convenient? Yes and no. The mask lasts for 3 weeks of 6 uses although you can use it every day. It’s really gentle. I think it’s a good deal for your budget. Imagine you make this mask yourself. All the ingredients would have costed you more than 6 bucks, plus they won’t last for 3 weeks. You have the luxury of a fresh handmade product, which is also a burden if you don’t live close to any LUSH stores. You would have to repurchase it every 3 weeks since you can’t stock it up in advance.
After 2 uses
Recommendation: This mask is gentle enough to use frequently. It would be better on drier skin but will work fine on other skin types.

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