Sunday, July 17, 2011

Classic & Classical - Pride & Prejudice – Mr. Darcy

At Rosing. Darcy could not take his eyes off Elizabeth.
Kind, warm-hearted, loyal, noble, strong, manly, but gentle and passionate in love. Tall, handsome, conveniently rich. Mr. Darcy is arguably THE man that every girl can ever dream of. I think whoever plays him would have to handle his sophisticated conflicts between his distant appearance and his gentle heart, and between his pride and his love for a woman of “inferior birth”. He loves Elizabeth for exactly who she is. Though he fought hard himself, he cannot conquer the desire for her. How romantic it is!
I think Mr. Matthew Macfadyen’s performance in the movie is beyond wonderful. He matched Darcy’s sensitivity, manliness, self-struggle and self-discovery perfectly. When I read the book, immediately did I see Matthew.  The chemistry between Keira Knightly and Matthew Macfadyen makes their portrayal of Lizzie and Darcy so real. I like Collin Firth as Mr. Darcy too. It’s like a decent Darcy. Matthew Macfadyen, however, is the best Darcy in my heart, seriously. 
The first proposal. The signature Mr. Darcy's look. 
The ardent love in his eyes even after Lizzie's refusal. 
The first proposal. Angry. Heart-broken. In vain. Struggle to resist kissing Elizabeth.  
At Pemberley. Shy. His evident admiration. 
At Pemberley. His manner has softened considerably. 
His eyes read "I'm violently in love with you".
At Pemberley. The only time he smiles happily before they got married. 

Pride & Prejudice Obsession Part 1

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