Wednesday, July 6, 2011

IMATS LA 2011 Haul – Part 1

My heart jumped when I saw Bobbi Brown counter at Naimie Beauty Center. They offered a 40% discount on everything. Who on earth would resist such a sale? I stocked up Cobalt Ink gel eyeliner, Sweet Nectar rich lipcolor SPF 12, a face blender brush (swoon) and a back up for my Nectar shimmer brick.
The Cobalt Ink gel eyeliner ($21 for 0.1 oz) really lives up to my expectation. It’s truly one of Bobbi Brown’s signature products. The color is very true to the pan and stays fresh all day. I don’t detect any fall out, no smudges, once it sets it stays put. The texture is very smooth and glides on effortlessly. I used to swear by Stila smudepot. But this gel is much smoother. Hands down the best gel eyeliner I’ve ever tried.
Another best selling product from Bobbi Brown is obviously shimmer brick ($38 for 0.4 oz). I couldn’t resist Nectar. I think it’s her best shimmer brick. It offers very soft sheen, not too shimmery. You’ll have a subtle peachy/coral glow that can be either highlighter on deeper skin tone for a blush on fair complexion. Naime ran out of Rose palette, which drove me nuts. And I refused to replace it with Pink Quatz. Now I want to shoot myself for not grabbing it.
I also splurged on the face blender blush ($45). I’m so glad that I used the discount on this brush. It is designed for shimmer brick but I found it rather too large for highlighter. It works really well as a blush brush or bronzer. But does it worth $45? No. Period. I would pay $20 for this brush, which is closed to what I actually spent on it.
My latest lipstick obsession is Bobbi Brown rich lipcolor with SPF 12 ($22 for 0.13 oz). While I’m not really amazed with the color range of this line, I really like the smooth creamy texture, the strong pigmentation and SPF factor. Sweet Nectar is a universally shade but it would flatter warm tone better.

IMATS LA Haul Part 2 will feature my happiest purchase: a customized Inglot palette. 

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