Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Dior Diva Gift

Ladies, I have great news! My Dior Diva arrived last week that is moons earlier than expected. I prepared myself to get it no sooner than mid-August, i.e. 8 weeks of anxious waiting. Guess what, it came after 2 weeks since my submission!
So much for my excitement, here is the gift for 250 points. I spent $250 and get a full-size Dior Extase mascara in Black ($28), a deluxe sample of Dior Capture Totale, and a Dior black pouch. I was dying to try Dior Extase for quite a long time but wasn't brave enough to break away from my Dior Iconic. This fulfills my wish. 
If you are a diehard Dior fan, you probably have heard about Dior Diva Program. Basically, you purchase Dior products at authorized retailers (full list here). You then save the receipts. One dollars spent equals to one point.  The points are counted before any discounts so no worry, you can still fully enjoy those Sephora sales! When your points reach 100, 250, 500 or 1000 within 12 months, you can submit your receipts and claim the respective gifts. This program is open to US and Canada residents only. All purchases therefore must be in US or Canadian dollars. You need to sign up for a Dior Diva account on www.dior.com.
I’d like to share some tips that might have made my claim go through as fourth times as faster than many other people’s I know. The key is to make the processing job easier for the person who handles your redemption.
#1. Make sure you have enough points for the desired level of redemption;
#2. Organize your receipt in chronological order;
#3. Highlight name of the Dior products and their prices to exclude any confusion for number of points on each receipt;
#4. Fill out the redemption form clearly and neatly;
#5. Email their costumer service after submission.
Dior Diva program will send you a note as soon as they ship your gift. Have fun shopping! 

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