Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Classic & Classical - Pride & Prejudice – Elizabeth Bennet

Lizzie Bennet is no perfect but so rounded that everyone can relate oneself to. Her kindness, liveliness, quick-wittedness, and attractiveness shine through her journey of self-discovery and bringing up. Sometimes, she gets annoying but we still love that imperfection.
The first proposal. Angry and offended. She refused. Shocked and in pain. 
 At Pemberley. Staring at Darcy's bust. Pleasantly shocked mixed with admiration. Started to comprehend his true personality.
At Pemberley. Miss Bennet's shy and in love (for the first time). Her opinion on Darcy has changed. Looked at him with obvious affection. 
Lady Catherine: "Are you engaged to him?"
Lizzie: "I am not." In agony and sadness. Tears in her eyes. The man she truly loves seems farther away than ever.
With that to say, Miss. Keira Knightley exceeded my expectation and imagination.  I imagined her as Lizzie while reading the book. I think she more deserves the Oscar than just a nomination. And I don’t even like her as an actor (the Pirates of the Caribbean part III just kills Keira’s character stone death, anyone ?). She is nonetheless the ONLY Elizabeth Bennet to me. I don’t feel like she was acting in the movie. She truly turns herself into Elizabeth Bennet. I can feel Lizze’s “light and pleasing figure”. The chemistry between Miss. Knightley and Mr. Macfadyen add realness to the romance of their characters – Elizabeth and Darcy. Overall, well done Keira! I will be more looking forward to your new films. 
Dawn. Absorbed into Darcy. He proposed the second time. She cannot say a word.

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