Monday, October 17, 2011

Review: Giorgio Armani Lasting Silk SPF 20 Foundation

For my review on Giorgio Armani to be completed I will share my thoughts on another famous companion of Luminous Silk Foundation, i.e. Lasting Silk Foundation. The duo share several features in common. First, they are both incredibly light-weight and watery. Lasting Silk has SPF 20 but it doesn't prevent the foundation from being comfortable on your skin. Second, they smooth out and even my skin well but Luminous Silk does a slightly better job. Third, they have the same packaging except for that illuminating finish of Lasting Silk bottle. Forth, they are both retailed for $59 (1 oz).
Lasting Silk however last longer than Luminous Silk. It doesn't make my skin as oily as the other during the day but not a whole lot better. The color is lighter than the Luminous Silk of the same shade. You need to wait for about 30 minutes for the foundation to match your skin tone. When first apply it looks a bit off due to the SPF. It claims to not reflect the flash light although having SPF!?. I have no idea how it manages to do so but it doesn't sound logical to me. Nonetheless, testing Lasting Silk with flash light I see no serious wash-out but I do look a bit lighter than usual.

Lasting Silk provide medium to full coverage when applied with a foundation brush. My fingers or sponge will be useful if I want a sheer coverage. It looks very natural on the skin (when set with translucent setting powder, my favorites include Laura Mercier's and Giorgio Armani Micro-Fil). But heavy setting powder will make you look a bit cakey.
I still need to figure out the right shade. While 6.5 is too warm, 6.0 is too beige and ashy. I suspect 5.5 or or mixing both 5.5 and 6.5 would solve the shade matching dilemma. Compared to Chanel Mat Lumierre, Lasting Silk is more light-weight but this difference is not obvious. Chanel Mat Lumierre is so comfortable on the skin that I barely remember wearing a foundation. Plus, Mat Lumierre lasts longer and has a shade that matches me perfectly. So I don't fancy Lasting Silk at the moment.

Comparison swatches of Armani Lasting Silk and other foundations is here.

Armani Lasting Silk foundation, I like but do not love. Having to wait 30 minutes for the foundation to match in the morning drive me away from this foundation. It's generally a good foundation but I'd rather go with Chanel Mat Lumierre for long-wearing.

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