Thursday, October 27, 2011

TAG I love eyeshadow palettes

My love for user-friendly eyeshadow palettes is one of the main motivations behind this blog. So when Delicate Hummingbird has a tag post on eyeshadow palettes I naturally tag along :D.

1. How must a palette be like to convince you?
My favorite palettes are those that are versatile. The color coordination of the palette always catches my eyes first. I love monochromic color scheme but unexpected color combination would do too. It also needs to possess different color depths for highlighting, contouring, and eyelining. The texture must be soft and smooth. It's important for me that the palette offers great pigmentation. I love palettes that have various finishes - matte, satin, frosty, or shimmery. But a palette of solely satin finish will be just fine for me. If cream eyeshadows are included, they need to be separated from the rest to avoid cross-pollination. I don't like eye-face-lip kind of palettes like those travel compacts sold at international airports.

2. Is the packaging important?
Not really. As long as the palette is sturdy, I can deal with lack of artistic design or a mirror.

3. Do you use applicators or brushes that come with it?
I used to and still do occasionally. I keep them in the palettes and only use them if I don't have a brush in hands, which is quite rare.

4. What's your favorite brand of eyeshadow palettes?
Dior. Hands down. Especially their 5-color quints. Beautiful color combination. Colors are true to the pan, soft and smooth texture without being overly soft. Some quints are much better than others but they are generally great. Chanel comes close.

5. High end or high street?
High end.

6. Now show me your palettes!
Sure. Tah dah!

Dior 5-color quints
1. Dior Jazz Club (Fall 2009); 2. Dior Stylish Move; 3. Dior Smokey Design; 4. Dior Pearl Glow (Spring 2010); 5. Dior Sunset Cafe ; 6. Dior Rosy Tan; 7. Dior Rosy Nude

Chanel 4-color quints (Vanites, Prelude and Murano)

Inglot customized palette (reviewed here)

Paul and Joe limited edition (Left to Right) Silver Moon; Lady's Slipper; Purple Clover; Empire State

Urban Decay Naked Palette

 Miscellaneous 1. Bobbi Brown Peony and Python Palette (LE 2011); 2. Stila Talking Palette Saphire; 3. NARS Cordura; 4. Guerlain Place Vendome

And my favorite shot ....

Thank you to Trang of Delicate Humming Bird for this wonderful tag idea! Hope you enjoy this post. 

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