Saturday, October 8, 2011

Review: Chanel Rouge Allure Byzantin

Chanel Byzantin ($32 for 0.12 oz) was part of the limited edition collection Byzance released back in July. Although I'm generally immune with "limited edition" label, I cannot let Byzantin pass by my life. It is an original shade that flatters my warm complexion well and surprisingly wearable.
Byzantin is ruby red with pink undertone and very subtle and delicate golden shimmer - just like a precious ruby jewel. It's a bold red but muted and deep enough to not become neon and into-the-face. This is the type of red I love. It feels very holiday very chic very Chanel.

Like other Chanel Rouge Allure, Byzantin moisturizes my lips better than Rouge Coco. It goes opaque with one layer and stays put all day. It survived my dinner and drink. Overall love!

Quick comparison with other red lipstick
Armani Rouge 400 is a true red that remind me of Lancome Red Haute but deeper. Laura Mercier Cherrywood is a brown cherry red. Dior Neglige Pink is a deep raspberry pink that sometime looks red on my lips, which is odd.

FYI, I spotted Byzantin on and was able to add it to my shopping cart on 1014/2011.

What is your go-to red lipstick? Which one will you rock this holiday season?

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